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ISP international space propulsionISP International Space Propulsion Ltd

2, Charnwood Court
Newport St
Wiltshire SN1 3DX
United Kingdom

tel: +44 7733 116562
fax: +44 1672 871587
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Paul R.H. Williams: CEO

About ISP International Space Propulsion

ISP International Space Propulsion Limited (ISP) was formed in October 2001 to provide knowledge-based engineering services to the space propulsion industry, primarily within Europe.


ISP Company personnel have been supporting design, manufacturing and production of propulsion systems in Europe since the 1980's, with involvement in many of Europe's successes in that time, including CLUSTER, Herschel-Planck, ATV and Galileo.

As a result, the Company has appreciable expertise in a wide variety of missions and subsystem types, configurations and layouts, scales and requirements, along with the inherent benefit of lessons learned on each programme.

This depth of experience, coupled with the professional expertise that is gained through continuous activities in the field, is one attribute that sets ISP Consultancy out from the rest.

As independent support providers, that pool of knowledge can be made available to all Customers, to support each and every programme equally.

Documentation experience - standardised formats and protocols

A major area of activity that is the historical cause of many problems and uncertainties is the various approaches amongst Prime Contractors and Agencies to Project Management and Technical documentation.

In supporting and implementing a pan-European standardisation of approach, ISP personnel are able to assess and generate documents that demonstrate full compliance with current and historical norms, allowing high levels of understanding and traceability through programme heritage.

We have performed documentation support roles in many inter-European projects, with great success and built up an understanding of objectives rarely found in mainstream corporations, owing to staff turnover and training shortfalls.

Subsystem Production - parts, materials and processes management, including Product Assurance and Project Management implementation

An insight into production practices and Parts, Materials and Process (PMP) philosophies give our technical teams an unequalled vision of past and potential material-related problem areas, concerning mechanisms, assemblies and complete systems alike.

Our personnel are able to use their experiences in these fields to apply a holistic approach to PMP performance, to identify areas of concern before they reach criticality and, by application of early detection techniques, mitigate problems before they arise.

This is just an example of the nature of experience that ensures a greater efficiency in programmes, leading to extended value and safety and reduced programme risk.

Propulsion chemistry support, analysis, safety and materials diagnosis

ISP has supported many material compatibility and mechanical test programmes for various Clients, utilising our partner database.

We have connections to chemical test houses, raw material suppliers for aerospace composites, polymers and elastomers and mechanical test houses specialising in a variety of testing and verification processes.

Ground Support Equipment design/build, mechanical services

ISP performs design-and-build projects for electrical and fluid control and monitoring GSE, including ATEX and Hazardous environments compatible items, as well as providing an on-going maintenance, re-calibration and refurbishment service to external users.

Business Development/Project Management

During 15 years of independent trading as Propulsion Engineering Consultants, ISP has built a network of partners and contacts within the Space and Non-Space technology sectors, including major manufacturing companies, material suppliers, system engineers, test houses, agencies and Government departments.

ISP has created space businesses and mentored non-space entities to provide high-value products and services to the space sector, achieving disruption and growth in the supply chain and introducing commercial solution, materials, schedules and costs to an otherwise budget-heavy industry.

ISP has provided Project and Technical Management services to Clients, including procurement of the Galileo Propulsion System from the US and development of propellant tanks for Vega launcher.

ISP will continue to encourage and assist in the development of these areas, in order to bring commercial values to the space technology arena, in order to encourage growth in the new commercial space approach.


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