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NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC)

21000 Brookpark Road
Cleveland, OH 44135-3127

tel: +1 216 433-4000
fax: +1 216 433-8000


About the Glenn Research Center

NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio researches, designs, develops and tests innovative technology for aeronautics and spaceflight.

Located near Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and the Cleveland Metroparks' Rocky River Reservation, Glenn's main campus, Lewis Field, is situated on 350 acres of land and contains more than 150 buildings. The world-class facilities at Lewis Field include wind tunnels, drop towers, vacuum chambers and an aircraft hangar. Glenn's Plum Brook Station is located 50 miles west of Cleveland in Sandusky, Ohio, on 6,400 acres of land. Plum Brook Station has large, unique facilities that simulate the environment of space. Both locations enable NASA, other governmental agencies, and academic and industry partners from across the country to perform specialized research and testing.

More than 3,400 people work at Glenn, including civil servants and on-site contractors. A highly skilled workforce of scientists, engineers, technicians and administrative and support personnel comprise the robust and diverse Glenn team.

Air-Breathing Propulsion

  • Advances airbreathing propulsion for aerospace vehicles
  • Reduces energy consumption, noise, emissions and cost in air travel; increases use of alternative energy sources; improves safety and expediency in air travel
  • Includes: engine cycles, advanced propulsion systems, component improvements, controls and dynamics, harsh environment sensors, electronics, instrumentation, health monitoring and management, materials and structures, power extraction and management, icing, fuels and propellants, acoustics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, aerothermodynamics and plasmas

Communications Technology and Development

  • Advances communications technologies
  • Improves air traffic management, communications and navigation among satellites, aircraft, spacecraft, astronauts, robots and ground systems
  • Includes: advanced antennas, integrated radiofrequency and optical terminals, software-defined radios, high-power amplifiers and networking for high-data-rate communications

In-Space Propulsion and Cryogenic Fluids Management

  • Advances spacecraft propulsion systems and cryogenic fluid flight systems
  • Enables new mission capability; increases reliability, safety and affordability; reduces trip times
  • In-space propulsion includes: propellants, chemical propulsion, and electric propulsion (ion, Hall, plasma) and nuclear propulsion
  • Cryogenic fluid management includes: cryogenic fluids (oxygen, methane, hydrogen) handling, characterization, storage, delivery, demonstration and flight packages

Power, Energy Storage and Conversion

  • Advances technologies for power generation, energy conversion and storage and power management and distribution
  • Includes: solar power generation, batteries, fuel cells, regenerative fuel cells, flywheels, thermal energy conversion and heat rejection, radioisotopes, fission, power electronics and power management and distribution

Materials and Structures for Extreme Environments

  • Advances materials, structures and mechanisms for aerospace systems subjected to extreme environments
  • Improves: aircraft engines, space propulsion systems, planetary reentry, planetary surface operations and long-duration space travel

Physical Sciences and Biomedical Technologies in Space

  • Advances physical and biomedical systems to enable sustainable exploration of space
  • Enhances safety; extends mission duration; reduces potentially harmful effects of space.
  • Includes: life support, fire safety, crew health monitoring and support, space resource utilization and thermal management


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