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Professional Services

Companies offering professional services, mainly technical and management consultancy, to the space industry, but also including insurance and financial services as well as agencies supplying staff.

AA-SAT Professional
Estonian provider of satellite earth station integration, installation and maintenance services

Access Partnership
telecom consulting company with offices in London and Washington, specialising in telecommunications trade, regulation and policy with an emphasis on satellite regulatory matters

VSAT installation and maintenance in Bulgaria and Balkan region

Aerospace Corporation
federally funded research and development centrer (FFRDC) for the United States Air Force

Aetheric Engineering
consultancy support to satellite system operators and satellite communication network operators, ranging from feasibility and design studies through procurement, implementation testing and commissioning, to operation.

AL Safety Design
product assurance of space technology design and development projects; reliability engineering; reliability analysis; risk analysis; quality systems

Alter Technology
procurement, engineering and test services

Audens Telecommunications
consultants in satellite communications systems, satellite payloads, platforms and the ground segment

Barrios Technology
engineering and technical services including: design and analysis, requirements definition, mission planning, payload integration, real time operations support

Calian Technology
plans, designs and implements complex communication systems for many of the world’s space agencies and leading satellite manufacturers and operators

Computronics Systems
complete VSAT Support & IT Solution provider in India and surrounding countries

VSAT consultancy

turnkey installer of large earth stations and VSAT networks

supplier of earth resources ground stations; satellite image analysis, specialising in sea ice, marine and defence applications

consulting firm specializing in space markets

European Space Agency Training Centre (UK)
ESA-accredited courses, to ECSS standards, in mission-critical skills

European Test Services
manages, maintains and operates the ESA ESTEC Test Centre

Expedition Communications
worldwide VSAT installation provider that offers turn-key satellite solutions for military, government, non-profit organizations and commercial customers

GAMMA Remote Sensing Research and Consulting
research studies, consulting and processing services in the field of microwave remote sensing

environmental remote sensing, atmospheric science, flight operations, satellite instrument design, scientific data processing

consultancy, design and supply of satellite ground stations, antenna de-ice systems and remote control and monitoring systems

IABG - Industrieanlagen-Betriebs-Gesellschaft
spacecraft environmental testing; static and dynamic qualification testing; thermo-mechanical loading on structural components; test facilities management and maintenance; systems analysis and studies on: transportation, orbital and recovery vehicles and

Ingegneria Dei Sistemi (IDS)
antenna and propogation analysis and software

ISP International Space Propulsion
provider of comprehensive suite of space propulsion services to industry, including engineering consultancy, production and test support, chemical propellant provision and launch support services, procurement support, legal and safety advisory support and

systems engineering, software engineering, hardware engineering, network management, integration and test, and operations

professional development and continuing education courses to the space community

Mahdi Bagh Computers Pvt Ltd
installation, commissioning, site survey, preventive and corrective maintenance of VSATs in India

professional services for the international space industry

satellite telecommunication systems

Microcom Systems
market research into the space technology and satellite communications markets

Micromega Dynamics
specialists in vibration analysis and control

MilliLab - Millimetre Wave Laboratory of Finland
specialists in millimetre wave technology

M-Three Satcom
provides systems integration services

National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR - Nationaal Lucht-en Ruimtevaartlaboratorium)
Netherlands research centre for aerospace

Near Earth
investment bank providing a full range of capital raising, M & A advisory and financial consulting services

consultancy on technology transfer and microgravity; parabolic flight campaigns

Oasis Networks
high quality field engineering, satellite systems integration and maintenance services provided globally

VSAT satellite services/networks consulting; VSAT satellite equipment distributors; VSAT earth stations consulting, program management, integration, installation and maintenance in Europe and northern Africa

Rhea System
specialised engineering services from early feasibility studies and mission analysis to satellite and system integration support, and missions operations to ground control segment operations

RKF Engineering Solutions
consultancy specialising in communication networks and satellite systems design including regulatory expertise, system engineering design, custom software development, mitigating risk and optimizing resources

Sat-Comm Ltd
systems integrator specialising in providing mobile satellite solutions for the broadcast, government and maritime industries

professional system integration, OEM equipment sales, training, maintenance, global service and support for fixed and mobile satellite communication terminals

spacecraft control systems, flight dynamics, simulation and mission planning, on board software, intelligent systems

Spur Electron
high reliability component procurement; radiation testing and assessment

Summit Ridge Group
consulting, securities analysis, transaction, and regulatory expertise; services include: valuation for both reporting and transactional purposes as well as strategic and regulatory advisory, litigation support (including expert witness services) and customer research

Teal Group Corp
market intelligence

consultancy advising on  the impact of strategic finance, regulatory and commercial issues in digital communications, including radio spectrum and space sectors

Telesat Canada
operates a fleet of satellites that provide broadcast distribution and telecommunications services, and is a highly respected consultant and partner in satellite ventures around the world

development of antenna synthesis, analysis and measurement methods

Transpace Technologies
spacecraft electronics design, PCB schematic design, reliability analysis, spacecraft electronics sub-systems assembling and testing

VESTEK Systems
VSAT and IT network installation and maintenance services in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Americas and Europe

management, technical assistance and operations of ground facilities (control centres, launch centres, communications, large test beds); integrated logistics support; launch campaign and operational engineering; software engineering; information systems and databases; remote sensing and mapping systems; image processing systems

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